Finally Better (Almost): Start Marveling

What a week of recovery! The human body amazes me in how it heals and fights infection. Sometimes, I thinking about it and marvel. I marvel over the memory of cells. I marvel over medicine. I marvel over how my cat seems to know I’m sick and comforts me. Then I start marveling over my cat and how he purrs. God didn’t have to make cats purr, but He did. Why?

I love marveling. It’s part of a savoring life.

I love the Christmas Jazz Instrumental playlist I’m listening to and how God made us to love music. Why? It’s amazing that such delight comes through sounds arranged like this. At Christmastime especially, I marvel over how much we all love light displays and how we’re drawn to light shining in the darkness. We’re made for it. We’re made for marveling and for worshipping and for delight.

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