Expecting Good Things

After all this time, I know to wake up and expect good things. It’s the most profound shift in mindset. I’m so thankful for daily blogging to train the mind to look for the wonderful thing, the joyful thing, and the meaningful thing every single day.

Living with joyful expectancy changed me to the core.

It’s never been that difficult, either. I realize now that living with flair was a hunt and a chase. It was knowing the good is always there in plain view if I learn to see differently.

The good is here because the Good One is here.

His goodness might come in the form of a moment of resonance during a Sunday sermon or in meeting a new friend who knows the particular joy that comes only through devastating loss.

When my new friend tells me that not one but two of her children have died before her at young ages, we talk about the intimacy she knows of Jesus Christ that’s reserved for those who suffer like this. It’s a beautiful thing unknown to the rest of us, and she agrees. We held each other’s hands while we said this. We looked into each other’s eyes. There’s a truth too deep for words here.

Or, the good might come through a moment of connection with a daughter while shopping or cooking linguini with clam sauce. It might come while stringing little twinkle lights atop her new built in closet desk.

It might come while watching the rain fall.

It might come as you drive along the road under a canopy of pink and red and white and blue tree blossoms. The parade of nature cheers you on, but it’s not your name they shout. It’s His. And you find yourself worshiping. It takes you all the way home.

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