Expand What You Can Actually Do

I never thought I’d be a fruit and vegetable gardener. Now, whenever I taste something I love in the vegetable category, I think, “Can I grow this? Let me try.” I’m even considering ordering an easy to build greenhouse for the side of my garden. This way, my lemon plant and the mango seed I’m trying to sprout can grow.

Most recently, I’ve found I’m addicted to the “sugar bomb” or “flavor bomb” variety of cherry tomatoes. I love them by themselves, in salads, on pizza, in pasta, or sliced in sandwiches, but sometimes, the grocery store won’t have them. It hits me: find the seeds and grow them to plant this summer. Why wait for the grocery store?

While I cannot find the exact seeds for this variant of tomato, I do find seeds reported to produce the sweetest cherry tomatoes. With seeds packs around $2.50, I decide to throw in some basil seeds and bush beans. I can plant the seeds now, grow them in my sunny windowsills, and plant them in late May. I like saving money by growing plants myself instead of buying them at the local farm or stores.

(Basically, every window in the house is home to growing seedlings!)

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