“Every Delay Is God’s Way”

One of our family mottos (besides “Every rejection is God’s protection) is “Every delay is God’s way.” Today, we learned this lesson in such a happy way. While visiting UNC, we stopped into a restaurant for lunch. The service was unusually delayed, and we waited a long time for our food and for the check. Finally, we finished and then went to a gift shop, only to discover my husband’s brother randomly in the same shop (even though he lives a few hours away in another town). Because of a change in his flight plans, he would spend the day in Chapel Hill. We enjoyed a delightful reunion that ended with ice cream and laughter. The meeting almost never happened. Had the restaurant served our meal sooner, we would have finished our shopping and missed one another. Every delay is God’s way.

We thought how this wasn’t actually random or a chance encounter; it was a divine orchestration for a wonderful afternoon. But God had to hold us in place in order to run into my brother-in-law at just the right time. Every delay is God’s way.

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