Even More Awe on Christmas

I learn something my sister heard from her pastor during their Christmas Eve service about the baby Jesus last night. Read this article called “Signs for the Shepherds” https://compass.org/signs-for-the-shepherds/ to be even more amazed about the Christmas story. 

Essentially, I learned why it was a sign that Jesus was in a manger wrapped in cloths. What would make that a sign to the shepherds? Why would they worship a baby in cloths in a manger? It has everything to do with the shepherds raising flocks of sheep. From this flock, the priests would discover their unblemished, sacrificial lamb for the sin offering. The article explains:

When the lamb was born and if it was without blemish, it was immediately wrapped in strips of cloth made from old priestly underwear. The purpose was to make sure the lamb would stay unblemished. The priest would then put the lamb in a manger to keep it safe from getting trampled.

When the shepherds came to find the baby in the manger, the baby in the cloths, the baby in the place of the sacrificial, unblemished lamb, they bowed down in worship. They were worshipping the Lamb of God! The sign was the manger and the cloths. They knew what it meant, and they worshipped.




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