Enjoying Life

A few days ago, I decided to write down a few moments I truly enjoyed from the day before. I figured that after a good night’s sleep, certain memories would have stayed or not. What would I want to reflect on 24 hours after the fact?

Not only did the activity remind me of how much I delighted in certain moments, but it also helped foster and reinforce that enjoyment. So I continued the practice for the next day and the next. What did I love about yesterday? What brought joy and delight and pleasure? What did I enjoy that surprised me?

Then I wrote down what my mind wanted to remember.

I learned some things: I loved allowing myself to get lost in a novel or memoir. I loved talking with people and truly connecting with them. I loved an organized closet with clothes freshly folded for the autumn season. I loved walking near the creek.

Sometimes people move so fast and become so lost in work that they forget what they enjoy. They simply cannot remember or pay attention long enough. I often feel this way. But when I let myself reflect on the day after a good night’s sleep, the memories my brain chose to keep have something to do with delight.

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