Enduring the Cold Wind

Walking in freezing wind ranks up there with those things I’d rather not endure. So today, as the winter wind whipped against my home and cracked the bare branches, I considered how surely, the Danish Grandmother was incorrect to say “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.”

She’d walk in this. She’d probably even enjoy it somehow.

Shall I walk in this?

I shall.

I wrap myself in scarves and a big hat so only my eyes peek out. I venture forth for an hour. I find I’m completely comfortable, toasty even, in the winter wind. I actually feel rather defiant as it comes against me.

By the end of the walk as I saw my house rise up in the distance, I felt sorry to leave the crisp air. I thought of the wind as carrying fresh oxygen, fresh insight, fresh momentum.

I felt aired out like an old mattress that seems new with a dose of clean, cold air.

I shall walk again in even worse weather.

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