Enduring Covid

My family tested positive for Covid this week. It isn’t easy. It’s probably the worst virus I’ve ever had (except for the Norovirus back in 2010 that lasted 14 days). In our case, we’ve been in bed or on the couch since Saturday night. In the spirit of documenting our family trial, I will report that the fever and chills are rough. They will keep you in bed, shivering and miserable, even with meds. The headache is painful. You might have aches like us. You also might have a raging sore throat. You won’t sleep well. Some people, I’ve heard, recover in just a few days. Others take longer. My husband now has a cough. You might have bizarre dreams like my very vivid and detailed conversation with a friend. I also apparently watched the sinking of the Titanic in real time on youtube at 3:00 AM. Ha! We rotate caring for each other based on which family member feels the best at the time. Yes, we are vaccinated. No, we’ve not had Covid before. Yes, we tested positive on the home test.

But, in the spirit of living with flair, I’ll record the extraordinary blessings:

We are all home and not traveling or stuck in some strange hotel. We have a well-stocked medicine cabinet. We have plenty of hydration. We have neighbors who already committed to 7 days of meals delivered. Another neighbor just picked up Instacart for us. I’m thanking God for the comforts He provides. He is the God of all comfort and an ever-present help in time of need. 

Day by day, we trust Him.

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