Embracing All the Coziest Things

I love watching other people feel cozy.

Last night, I attend a college Bible study of girls reading Guarded by Christ. I arrive at the leader’s apartment, and I’m immediately impressed with the coziness of college girls in their flannel shirts, PSU sweatshirts, and fleece leggings. I notice the furry moccasins, the holiday socks, and the hairstyles pulled back for comfort. They lounge on bean bags or overstuffed couch pillows. They pull out their Bibles and their journals as they sit in a cozy circle.

It was all so cozy. 

I wished I had been in sweatpants and my own flannel shirt. Instead, I looked like my regular old professor self, and I wasn’t cozy at all.

So today, in a free moment between grading and picking up a daughter from school, I run into a store and find the same pants and sweatshirts I see all my students wearing. I run my hands over the warm, soft interior.

And now I’m at home, cozy as can be in clothes more fit for younger girls. But who cares? I’m home in every sense of the word.

Once again, the teacher learns from the student.


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