Easy After Church Salad

Instead of my traditional fancy bag salad from the grocery store, I decide to make a chopped salad. Yes, even I did that.

Folks love it. They want more. I think I saw someone actually lick the bowl afterwards.

Just rinse and chop three romaine hearts. Add one chopped avocado (drizzled with lemon juice), four garden tomatoes, a bag of those crispy red pepper croutons, and 4 tablespoons creamy Italian dressing. I added some salt and pepper just for fun.


The crispy red peppers give the salad a little spicy punch, and the lemony avocado balances it perfectly. My daughters love the creamy dressing and the tomatoes.

Anyway, I’m moving beyond the bag salad, and I think that’s a sign I’m living with flair.

Do you have an easy salad recipe?

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