Each His Own Task; Each His Own Labor

This morning, as I read Number 3-4, I couldn’t help but notice how God gives such specific assignments to those caring for the tent of meeting. Every person enjoyed a special task–whether they carried a peg or a goatskin. I read this: “Aaron and his sons shall go in and appoint them each to his task and to his burden.”

I talk to my daughter about this as we drive to school. God delivered special assignments to each person. Everyone had his own task and his own burden. What if they tried to take on more than God assigned? What if they carried burdens God didn’t ask of them? Sometimes I think we carry too many burdens and work on too many tasks God has not actually assigned us. Imagine the confusion and stress of too many people trying to do the wrong things!

When I feel overwhelmed and that my tasks are no longer “easy and light” (Matthew 11), I consider whether or not I’ve taken on something not assigned to me. I continue my drive to campus, and I remember Philippians 2:13: “For it is God who works in you both to will and to and to work for his good purpose.” We can pray God gives us the desire and the ability to follow His exact instructions for the day. May we not take on more or less than the task and burden God gives today. And we can rejoice when we see others working on their own tasks. We don’t need to live in jealousy or comparison when we remember God’s organization in Numbers 3 and 4.

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