Doldrums and Squalls

I wonder why it’s so cold. I also wonder about the huge snowstorm coming this weekend. I begin exploring weather, and I discover that pressure systems have names like the Doldrums, Trade Winds, Horse Latitudes, and Polar Front, among others.

The doldrums! 

I never realized that being in the doldrums referred to the calm period with little wind that trapped sailors until the trade winds came. It meant inactivity and stale, stagnant times. But leaving the doldrums often meant a hurricane or squall had shaken the sea. So while boring and confining, the doldrums were safe. 

Either I’m in the doldrums or I’m in a squall. Like in weather systems, there’s just no avoiding the ups and downs of life. But I’m in a sturdy ship, anchored to God. 

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