“Do the Hard Thing. You Just Might Find You’re Great.”

This morning on the walk to school, we consult the Chemistry Professor about which class my daughter should take next year in a certain subject. She’s finally tested high enough for an advanced class, but her teacher says she can choose whether or not to move up. One class ensures success; one class risks failure. All the family members have weighed in, including the Wise Big Sister, but now, we ask our clever neighbor.

“What if it’s too hard?” my daughter asks.

“It will be hard,” the Chemistry Professor says.

But then, he says, “Do the hard thing. You just might find you’re great.”

I see my daughter smiling at the challenge of it. I see her thinking it through. I see the way she’s wondering what she’ll miss if she doesn’t challenge herself. She’ll never know. And besides, she just might find she’s great.

I think of all the hard things I almost declined because I’d rather choose comfort, ease, familiarity, and sure success. I think of all the hard things that showed me something about myself I never knew was in me.

I’d rather choose the hard thing today.


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