Do I Exaggerate?

This morning I chuckled because I read a quote in a sermon by Frederick Faber (as noted by A.W. Tozer) in which he remarks that we “can never exaggerate. . . the compassionate abundance of the love of Jesus to us.”

I laughed because I’m such an exaggerator. It’s been a character flaw I’ve worked on for years and years. Now that I write non-fiction books and speak, I must exercise so much restraint in order to accurately and honestly talk about my life.

But everyone knows I love a good, embellished, story. Yes, I have the gift of exaggeration, especially if it proves a point.

But with Jesus and His love and good gifts? I cannot exaggerate. In fact, my most embellished words about Him would always fall short of the truth of His goodness. The anonymous writer of Psalm 71 explains that he can declare God’s righteous and salvation though he knows not its measure. David in Psalm 40 explains that if he were to speak and tell of God’s deeds, they would be “too many to declare.”

I’m safe here with my exaggeration tendency. I’m never overemphasizing or making Jesus larger, better, or more important than He is. He’s always even better than my best exaggeration of Him.

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