Divine Dwelling Place

I love to remember everything I learned when I wrote Guarded by Christ several years ago. Hannah Whitall Smith’s book, The God of All Comfort, heightened my awareness of my interior life as this fortress of perfect peace because I’m abiding in Christ. This morning, I read these words that apply so well to those of us feeling unsettled, anxious, and uncertain. She writes this:

The names Jehovah-shammah and Emmanuel mean. . . that God is everywhere present in His universe, surrounding everything, sustaining everything, and holding all of us in His safe and blessed keeping. It will help you if you will put your trust into words. Say, “God is my dwelling place, and I am going to abide in Him forever. it is all settled: I am in this divine habitation and I am safe here and I am not going to move again.”

I love thinking of this divine habitation as a fixed place; no matter where I travel or where I find myself, the outward circumstances never remove me from my safe, blessed place of abiding in Christ. He is my dwelling place.

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