Diminishing Needs

As I grow older, I find I need less.

The more time I spend with the Lord, the more I find myself filled to the brim and then overflowing. There’s too much, even. I have not only what I need, but all I need. And then I have some to share.

In past decades, I approached God with much need–physical, emotional, financial, relational, spiritual. I needed so much. I needed so much in my environment to guarantee peace and happiness. I needed so much for comfort and stability.

But now? In the forties? I need less. Praise God, I need less. I need more of Him, but less of everything else. I wonder if sanctification is really a diminishing of all those needs until we really just need Jesus. With Him, we find overflowing comfort and provision. His presence fills us and suddenly things like clothing, beautiful homes, vacations, novel experiences, and all the things don’t carry the same sparkle.

We need Him. We need the quiet of simple things: authentic connecting with a friend, a cool glass of water, a place to sit and read the Bible, and the mystery of abundance in whatever ordinary setting I’m in.

Today I’m praising God for diminishing needs.

The old high maintenance me has become lower maintenance me. I can hardly believe it.

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