Did You Know?

This morning, the Dragon Boy begins every animated sentence with, “Did you know?”

He has so much to share. “Did you know about . . .?” I learn about many types of dragons. I then learn about the game he’s inventing.

“And did you know. . . ?” He continues with a new interesting fact for every square of sidewalk we pass. 

The zeal of children! The joy of sharing every discovery!

Living with flair means we maintain that joy in learning that becomes the joy in teaching others what we’ve learned.

Did you know, for example, that there’s a website called, Did You Know, that shares interesting facts? Today I learn about the Mimic Octopus that can copy the movements and coloring of over 15 different species. They impersonate shrimp, crabs, jellyfish, flounder, sea snakes, and starfish–to name a few.

Called, “Nature’s Greatest Actor,” this little octopus delighted me today. I never knew! Did you? Here’s a YouTube video where you can watch the Mimic Octopus in action.

What would you tell me today if we were walking to school together? Did you know about the Mimic Octopus? 

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