Darkness and Light, Darkness and Light

It’s one of those moody and indecisive days.

One minute, the chilly air sends me searching for a sweater, and the next minute, the warm sun bakes me.  One minute, the blue sky and bright sun shine brightly, and the next minute, the storm clouds hover, cloaking everything in dark shadows.

Moody, unpredictable weather!  I’m caught off guard when the weather won’t cooperate.  

On days like this, you keep your wits about you.  Anything can happen.   You need everything: sweater, raincoat, umbrella.  You can’t be too prepared.

I think about this and my own unpredictable moods.  When my emotions won’t cooperate, I gather the things I need about me–coffee, good friends, my Bible–and ride out the storm, prepared.  One minute, darkness. The next, light.

I predict unpredictable today.  That’s the forecast, and I’m ready.

Do you have those kind of days? 

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