Crimson Crisp and Cameo

I visit the local fruit farm in search of my favorite apple: the crimson crisp. I feel like such an insider into the world of fine apples; I knew about crimson crisp years before my friends.

I approach the apple stands only to discover there has been a mad rush on crimson crisp. Not one remains! Not one! Word has spread, and now I’m left alone at the apple bins with no apples. 

“What’s an apple that’s like the crimson crisp?” I ask, desperate and shocked about the whole world knowing about my apple discovery of the crimson crisp.

“Try the Cameo!”

Oh, the Cameo! Tart and crisp and discovered by chance in 1987 by the Caudle family in Washington State. I picture the discovery of the amazing Cameo–a hybrid nesting between the arms of the Golden Delicious and the Red Delicious. 

I love it! I might love it more than the Crimson Crisp! 

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