Cooling Off

It’s unusually hot for Pennsylvania. Thankfully, we now have air conditioning, so I’m not packing frozen water bottles around my body in bed. Thank the Lord for air conditioning! I remember the many years without it and the number of fans and various contraptions we used to cool ourselves down.

I don’t love the heat. It’s hard to enjoy the outdoors unless it’s early morning or evening. Nevertheless, we all still enjoy taking daily walks. With it so hot outside, we find fun ways to cool down that don’t involve going anywhere else.

Today, we made homemade water ice–that famous Philadelphia treat also known as Italian ice. We used a food processor to crush two cups of frozen cherries, a tablespoon of lime juice, a splash of agave nectar (or you could use maple syrup or another kind of sweetener), and two tablespoons of water. It was so good. You can also use a few ice cubes to make this really cold and icy– if your blender or food processor is strong enough.

It was so refreshing! I immediately went to the garden to pick a fresh bowl of raspberries to freeze overnight to make a raspberry Italian Ice instead of cherry.

I ate it up! I forgot to take a picture! Thankfully, here’s a website with photos and a similar recipe. We liked using frozen cherries so we could enjoy our water ice immediately. We also preferred lime to lemon flavor. Enjoy a wonderful way to cool down!

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