My back pain results were supposedly an enormous kidney stone as revealed by the renal ultrasound. I would need surgery! I canceled a trip to Texas.

But today, the urologist disagreed with original doctor and ordered another test. He saw possible little stones on a CT scan, but even then: still inconclusive. Cause of severe pain? Inconclusive! Cause of blood in urine? Inconclusive! More tests on Monday. Let’s see if the little stones pass. Go to the ER if you can’t manage the pain. 

Maybe God miraculously dissolved the big stone. Maybe I already passed it! Maybe something else is going on.

I do not love the word inconclusive.

What I can conclude, however, is God’s great care, the love of neighbors, far-off friends and family, and the joy and peace of God. I can conclusively report that right now, as I rest with pain medication and a heating pad, that the Robin is building her nest in the Weeping Cherry right in my line of vision from this bed. Can you believe this treat?

Oh, the tender mercies of God! Had I been anywhere but here, I would have missed this.

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