Completely Whole and Thoroughly Mended

This morning, I remembered the name God gives Himself in Exodus 15:26: The God Who Heals–Jehovah Rapha.

I think of all that needs healing around us. In a pandemic, we all pray for physical healing and think about illness every day. We cry out to God as Jehovah Rapha. There’s no better time than now to remember this powerful name of God as we intercede for others who battle illness.

We need a Healer. This morning, I think of physical illness but also emotional distress of all forms. I think of brokenness within our hearts but also in larger systems around us. God is a Healer far beyond physical concerns. It’s deeper and more powerful than we can imagine.

Consider the verb:

“Rapha” as a verb means to completely make whole and to thoroughly mend and repair. Realize how deep the healing of God goes. Invite the healing God to enter into fractured places, disrupted situations, broken hearts. Realize how we need Jesus to work His healing to make us whole and to repair everything about our lives.

He’s mending everything. He’s making us completely whole and right.

God is our Healer. He is Jehovah Rapha.

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