Coaxing You Out

I’ve been coaxing the kitten from underneath the bed.

Coaxing is a form of persistent persuasion. It’s a great verb.

For days, I’ve reminded dear Merlin that kitty treats abound in our home. I’ve showed him my lavish affection. I’ve pet him, brushed him, and scratched behind his little ears. I bring him to his fresh food and water. I invite him to sit with me wherever I am.

My persistent persuasion is working. He’s been curling up with me and finally, finally acting like he’s part of the family with full rights and privileges here. But then he’ll go back into hiding.

Coaxing a kitten out of hiding reminds me so much of God’s persistent persuasive techniques to prove His love. It’s all right here for you! Come and get it! 

One cat knows this and grows fat and happy on my bed.

As we watch the bird feeders together–waiting for winter birds–I see the contrast between a cat that has all she wants and the bird feeders that hang there simply waiting to be enjoyed.

Come out from hiding and enjoy all this.

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