Close, But Different

I love stories. I think about characters when I drive around town. I devise strange plots when I’m grocery shopping. Sometimes, I look at a student and plan a whole novel based on some event she shares. It’s like my mind works best in narrative. I ask so many questions when I meet new people because they, too, become characters in the story I’m writing about them in my head.

All day long, I’m weaving a tale.

So all this time, I’ve thought fiction is my calling. But really, it’s the devotional literature and non-fiction pieces that bear fruit and bless folks in one way or another. I’m walking on one beautiful path, but all the signs point in another direction.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever found a calling close to your gift set and talents but different from what you imagined?

Today I talk with my agent about a new direction for my writing. I’m thinking of a non-fiction book. I will share more later!

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