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High Maintenance

I learn I need to mist my gardenia (and now also my lemon tree—I didn’t know!) twice a day. Twice! Creating the right, humid environment

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Try, Try Again

Today while shopping at Trader Joe’s, my daughter and I keep returning to the display of beautiful potted gardenia plants. I absolutely love gardenia. I

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Reflecting Light

So far, I’ve loved reading more and more about the attributes of God in Grudem’s Systematic Theology. This morning, I considered God’s glory. I love

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May It Feed You

After thinking more about Andrew Murray’s analysis of intercession in Luke 11, I pray God gives me spiritual food to nourish others. Before teaching, before

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For Someone Else

I’m struck by Andrew Murray’s insight into Luke 11 in his book on intercession. He taught me something I had never noticed before. Consider the

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Stay In / Set Out

In Numbers this morning, I take note of God’s orderly instructions regarding when the Israelites should stay or go. It’s wonderful to think of God’s

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