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This Seat's Saved

A Novel

Class schedules, locker combinations, and the play for popularity — Middle School is a new world with new rules.

At the start of 7th grade, Elita Brown’s friends enjoy their seats at the popular lunchroom table. Meanwhile, Elita hides in the bathroom. This is not how she envisioned Middle School. And her omission from the popular table is only the beginning of her problems. What will she do when she’s terrorized by the meanest girl in school and accused of a crime she didn’t commit? Elita befriends an older couple living in the woods and gains confidence through her project on the red fox. Will Elita find her way and take her seat at the best table? Full of suspense and divine moments, readers will be captivated by this story.

Parents and teachers who loved Seated with Christ can invite their middle school reader to This Seat’s Saved. With great discussion questions and a main character who learns to read her Bible, trust God for the first time, and understand what it means to be seated with Christ from Ephesians 2:6, This Seat’s Saved will help young readers on their journey with Jesus.


What People Are Saying

This Seat's Saved is a must-read for every middle school girl—and for every grown woman who still has a 'middle school girl' deep inside. I cannot wait to share this transformative story with my four daughters!”
Laura Booz
Author — Author of Expect Something Beautiful: Finding God's Good Gifts in Motherhood and host of the Expect Something Beautiful podcast
“Heather wraps her unique gift with a bow and presents it to an age group I love dearly: tweens! They'll be riveted by the plot line, identify with the girl-drama, and then discover they've been learning a powerful truth from God's Word the whole time.
Dannah Gresh
Speaker, author — Lies Girls Believe: And The Truth That Sets Them Free and founder of True Girl
“Heather Holleman draws readers into a young teen's struggles and her discovery of true friends, the miraculous habits of a neighborhood fox, and a Creator who makes all things work together for our good.”
Amanda Cleary Eastep
Author — Tree Street Kids series