The Six Conversations

Pathways to Connection in an Age of Isolation and Incivility

It’s time for a conversation revival!

Conversation is getting harder. We’re feeling more isolated. Loneliness is becoming an epidemic. The Six Conversations reflects one of the deepest passions of Dr. Heather Holleman’s heart: to connect people in loving community. Professor Holleman often fields questions like:

  • How can I foster meaningful connection with others?
  • Why doesn’t anyone ever ask meaningful questions?
  • If my personal happiness depends upon having warm relationships—like all the research shows—how can I become a better conversationalist and create connection?  


Can you relate? Are you longing for loving, meaningful, and joyful conversations? For practical skills to connect with others? Heather invites us to reimagine better conversations. Her work demonstrates how we can develop authentic community by changing our relational mindsets to become more curious, to believe the best about others, to express concern about their lives, and to share our own. Heather shows us how to embrace the Four Mindsets of a Loving Conversation and the Three Fresh Goals for Conversation. Using the latest research, she shares the foundational training necessary for engaging in truly loving conversations. Readers will be equipped with effective questions, self-assessments, and action steps to immediately implement in any situation—both personally and professionally.

If you desire deeper relationships with your spouse, dating partner, children, friends, in-laws, grandchildren, coworkers, clients, students, people in your neighborhood—or all the above—then read this book and grow in the art of The Six Conversations!

What People Are Saying

“Heather’s writing feels like having coffee with a friend who is training us how to have meaningful relationships through the beautiful art of conversations.”
Jennifer Hand
Author of My Yes Is on the Table and podcast host of Coming Alive Conversations
“Heather shares powerful mindsets and frameworks to add vitality, meaning, and connection to any and all of our conversations.”
Georgie Nightingall
Founder of Trigger Conversations (a London-based human connection organization)
“The extent of our isolation and loneliness is tragically evident everywhere—and this beautifully written and carefully crafted book is a powerful antidote.”
Margaret Wheatley
Author of ten books, including Leadership and the New Science and Who Do We Choose to Be?

"The simple choice to speak to people based on what they value (not what I value) has changed everything about how I connect with people I've just met."