Better and Better

On this beautifully chilled Sunday, we all enjoy Pennsylvania’s gentle transition to autumn. We bring in enormous acorns to paint already, and we’ve even turned over the closets into colder weather clothes. We swing the back door wide open to let in the crisp morning air. We brew coffee and bring home the pumpkin spiced creamer now available. I’ll make my first batch of butternut squash soup this week.

It’s autumn! Nothing feels better than this as I get dressed for church. It’s such a happy morning, and I haven’t even had coffee yet.

As I pull the pumpkin spiced creamer from the refrigerator full of a disproportionate amount of joy (it’s just creamer), my youngest shakes her head as if I’m simply too easy to please. She looks at me and says, “Well this day just keeps getting better and better for you doesn’t it?”

Yes, it does. It’s the kind of season that brings better and better things. I can’t wait for the leaves to change colors, for the apple cider at the fruit farm, for the harvest candles and wreaths, and for the warm sweaters–no coat yet–that I pull on each morning.

Yes, it gets better and better.

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