Being a Neighbor Who Notices

This morning, it touched my heart when an older neighbor reached out to ask if I was OK. He wrote, “I have not seen you on your walking route lately.”

Indeed, I had shifted my walking times with my daughter to early morning and later afternoon (mostly to observe all the bunnies and the occasional deer who actually roam the neighborhood at those times).

I felt loved and noticed when the neighbor checked in. Then I wondered if I could love my neighbors more like this. Would I even notice if they changed their routines? Would I even notice if something changed in their behaviors or mood, and would I check up on them like this?

The message from my neighbor became a challenge for me to pay attention, to notice my neighbors, and to be so aware of their lives that I’d ask, “Are you OK?” if something changes.

I assured him we were all fine. He then reminded me I am free to cross the street when I walk (because I always walk on the other side of the street–he noticed that!) and enjoy the tulips (“in their glory” as he says) he and his wife have planted.

I shall!

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