Beginning with Joy

I’m traveling and speaking again this weekend, and this morning, I learned to ask this question: What truly brings me joy? How can I do that thing here? 

As I walk with God today, I realize how much bringing others joy brings me joy. I think about all the things I could do in this one day, and that singular activity provides so much joy in the Lord.

The second thing I learn this morning is how natural joy is for children. They wake up and automatically seem to know the thing that makes their hearts sing. On a day off, for example, I watch my older girls naturally and without apology move into joy: they knit; they practice their new obsession called “tiny baking” (imagine miniature cakes fit for dolls); they watch Hallmark movies; they laugh and dream already about Christmas; they listen to music they love. I know these things because they text me pictures of tiny baking and alert me about all I’m missing on the Hallmark channel.

I think adults often forget to ask the question, What truly brings me joy today in this place God put me, in this personality He gave me? 


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