Because They Might Say, “Yes!”

I find myself noticing all the friendship and dating relationships emerging within the one class where that one brave student called on the first day, “Does anyone want to have lunch together?”

That one question built something special; this group of once-strangers now eat together twice a week–at least–and enjoy true community.

I ask the student why he asked that question. He said, “Well, I figured I would see these people on the same days for class each week, so why not?” He tells me he’s really concerned about his dorm floor, though. He says, “We see each other every day, and some people don’t even talk to each other. I’m going to start a campaign to get people who naturally see each other every day to actually hang out.”

I love that he doesn’t discriminate. He assumes that anyone can become friends. He assumes that all people can connect in community if given the opportunity. His two criteria for gathering folks include availability and proximity. In other words, if you’re here and available, let’s do this.  

I tell him that he’s got a great future in community organizing. And I realize that it all begins with one question.

I think about the “one questions” that started it all for me:

Do you want to have coffee with me? 
Do you want to study together? 
Do y’all want to walk to school together? 
What if we all had pancakes together on Saturday?
What if. . . ?

They just might say, “Yes!”

After all, if we’re here and available, let’s do this!

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