“Because I’m So Loved”

I’m unloading grocery bags into my car. It’s hot and sticky outside, and I’m dreading the walk to return my cart to the store.  Then, an older man (gray-haired, wobbly, and adorable) asks if he can return my cart for me. He has his own cart in one hand and grabs my cart with the other.

“Yes!” I call after him as he trudges away with my cart. “Oh, thank you! Thank you! Why are you so kind? Why would you do this?” I continue to call after him, so thankful and pleased that kind people exist in this world.

“Because I’m so loved,” he says.

I stand there, car keys dangling, amazed at the truth of it.

He’s so loved. He has nothing to gain and nothing to lose. He lives his life differently, and I noticed it. He’s so loved, so he knew just how to love me at that tiny moment that came and went in the grocery store parking lot today.

When we know we’re so loved, we overflow with it.

I’m so loved by God that I have nothing to gain and nothing to lose. I do everything because I’m just so loved. 

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