Because I Want You to Win

I always grade the professional packet (resume, cover letter, mission statement, and professional biography) much, much harder than anything else I ever grade. It’s because it’s a high-stakes, real-world submission. It matters, and I want my students to secure their dream job. I want them to have everything they want in life. I want them to win.

So I’m ruthless. It’s rare that a student earns an A on these documents. I’m seeking perfection. I’m seeking memorable, audience-specific writing. I’m seeking varied, precise verbs. I want every resume description to show how they added value. I’m grading in order to make these documents spectacular.

How can I not consider the pruning hand of God who works on me the same way out of love and desire for my best? Love takes many forms, and the harsh pruning towards excellence represents one of God’s best demonstrations in our own hearts.

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