Back to School

So it begins again! Today I renewed my parking pass to park on Penn State’s campus. That moment always feels like the official beginning.

And the routine commences: I publish my course content for students on our Canvas site. I visit my classrooms. I pray blessing over my room and over the seats of each student.

I still do what we all do for Back-to-School: I choose a first day outfit. I pack my lunch. I endure the nervous jitters.

I’ve been living this academic life my whole life¬†since kindergarten. I have never not been on an academic schedule. It’s the rhythm of my life.

The same week I start teaching, my daughters begin their classes–one in college and one in high school. So it begins! I pray that things feel a little normal (even in masks). This year, there’s no Zoom option for students, so I’m fully in-person. I’m so thankful! Join me in praying for students and teachers as the back-to-school season begins.


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