Back on the Radio with Pearls

You’ll never believe where I’m going! I’m on my way to Chicago to record the audiobook version of Seated with Christ. 

As I packed my bag this morning, I suddenly remembered that back in 2010, during this very month, I started writing Live with Flair each day. I read “I Believe in Living with Flair” on our local NPR station. 

I wore pearls even though nobody would see me. I would see me. 

And now, six years later, I’m reading my writing again. Who could predict back then what life would look like now? I think about following, step by step, step by step, where God leads. I think about the journey He takes you on that sometimes leads you back to where it all began–that true, sweet place where you sat reading your writing that God put in your heart. 

And you wore your pearls. 

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