Attracting the Hummingbirds

On the walk home from school I see the familiar flash of emerald. I stop and wait. He returns, darting into the azalea. 

He hovers, this little marvel. 

I feel blessed, chosen. 

I race into the house to announce the arrival of hummingbirds. Wherever they’ve been, they’re back. It’s finally warm enough, and the flowers they love are blooming. 

For years, I’ve been hunting for their nearly impossible to find nests. Maybe this summer, I’ll find one! Can you imagine? They are so difficult to find because they look like little knots or bumps coming out of a tree limb or on the bark. 

One day. 

Meanwhile, I mix the 4 parts water, 1 part sugar into the feeder and place it in the backyard. 

Now, I wait. 

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