Assume Nothing About Younger People

As a professor, you tend to think you know this younger generation of 18-22 years old.

You might think, for example, that young people know everything about technology since people call this age group “digital natives.” It’s not true. I’m learning that just because a younger person understands TikTok or Instagram doesn’t mean they automatically know how to use all technology. Noted. When you’re introducing any kind of technology, always assume there’s someone who needs a refresher or who has never used it before.

I’m also learning that not everyone in this age group enjoys social media. I have many students who don’t use it and think it’s destructive. So when people say this age group spends all their time on their phones, it’s not always true. Many of my students spend their hours in research labs, in their philanthropic clubs, and hiking outdoors.

I’m learning to assume nothing and just learn about people.


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