As If Death Were Already Behind Us

This morning I read In the School of the Holy Spirit and Interior Freedom by Jacques Philippe as both have aided me in my journey to mental health.

I read two phrases that help me understanding surrender to the Lord in a deeper way. First, I read of truly free people. Philippe writes, “The only people who are truly free are those who have nothing left to lose. . . it can be said that their death is already behind them because all their ‘treasure’ is in God and in Him alone. . . All the good that matters to them is already guaranteed by God.”

Their death is already behind them. . .

How wonderful to live a “crucified life” when you have surrendered everything–even your very life–to the Lord’s keeping. Your death is already behind you, and you having nothing to lose and everything to gain. All the good you’ve ever wanted is already guaranteed in the Lord.

Secondly, I read this strange phrase about maintaining “obedience to events.” This phrase doesn’t mean what I first thought. It’s not about passively accepting every terrible thing in our lives without attempting to change anything. Instead, it’s a surrender to our circumstances with an attitude that God is here working and drawing good out of everything–even difficult things. Moving through the day with “obedience to events” means we accept where we are and understand our role in receiving from God right here and working as He wills for us to work in these circumstances.

Living as if death is already behind us and that we might maintain obedience to events offers a new path to maturity in the Lord for me.

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