Another Way to Shine

You know that I love taking photos of trees that brag over vibrant autumn leaves. I love the equally boastful cherry blossoms that make the neighbors stop and stare.

In winter, I don’t bother; those trees are stripped bare, humbled, and hiding from any big show. They really have nothing to offer, so let’s just ignore them.

Not today. Oh no. The honest fact of their nothingness provides the most extraordinary platform to display Nature’s glory.

Weeping Cherry in Winter

I think carefully about this and thank God for all the ways I’m stripped down to make a platform for His glory. I think about all the ways a soul shines in winter’s bare dwelling places.

Our beauty shines, but it’s not always in the ways–or in the season–we’d think.

Another Way to Shine

Today, I love that empty white better than the full showy reds of Spring and Fall.

It’s another way to shine–in emptiness, in any winter place of the heart–and I just love it.

Yeah for beautiful snowy days!

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