Another Way to Dress a Doll

My neighbor recently bought some adorable doll clothes for her daughter, but they weren’t actually doll clothes. They were newborn baby thrift store clothes.

Seriously? Why haven’t I thought of this before? We’ve been buying doll clothes for ten years–the ridiculously expensive kind that we save money for or reserve just for birthdays or Christmas!
I take my daughters to the thrift store today in hopes of finding a newborn baby clothes section. Of course! Rows and rows of cute little dresses. So many were discounted because nobody wanted them. It just so happens that our 12 inch dolls love these fashionable and adorable clothes that were each under $3.00. (I know for a fact that t-shirts at the popular doll website are $40.00 each.) 
I remember that marketing clouds my mind sometimes. I didn’t consider another way to dress a doll. I wonder what else I haven’t considered. 
When something seems too expensive, why not ask if there’s another way? 
There’s more than one way to dress a doll!

PS: I also consider that I’m concerned with dressing dolls when real little babies need clothing. I’m still thinking about this. 

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