And By Chance

I’m driving through the little town of Gettysburg. I’ve been on this road before, and I know my favorite little shop is coming up on the right. The man who sells Civil War artifacts and books has a sign that says, “By appointment and by chance.”

I just love what the sign represents: it’s a slow, peaceful, relaxed kind of business, in stark contrast to the way I’ve been living my life lately. I imagine an old man shrugging his shoulders–and probably smoking a pipe–as he tells customers that he’s not really sure when he’ll be around next. “You’ll just have to chance it.”

Then, in a restaurant by General Lee’s headquarters, I stop to use the restroom. But it’s not called a restroom. It’s a Necessary Room for Ladies.  I’ve never heard it put quite like that before.

What belongs in the Necessary Room? I’m chuckling and trying to imagine what I’d put there.  I think I’m getting the message that it’s OK to slow down, relax a bit, and stop thinking so much about unnecessary things.

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