And Another Thing: It’s Not Forever

I glean a final lesson from the Mother Robin: her work will indeed end. It’s not forever. I watch her gentle movements on her nest, and I let myself think of the burden, the boredom, and even the discomfort of certain seasons of life, especially the mothering of young children.

Then I remember that it’s so short. These eggs will hatch in 2 days since she laid them 10 days ago.

Then, she enters a season of nearly constant feeding. She will make over 100 feeding trips to that nest! I imagine the never-ending work of it. I think of all the family meals I prepare. But then, I know it’s not never-ending; her babies will fledge in 13 days. One of mine will fledge in 2 years.

The stages end. Nothing stays the same. Each season carries its own wonder and meaning.

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