An Overgrown Lesson About God’s Timing

Do you remember how our daughters planted all their seeds in their mini greenhouses several weeks ago? Well, we realize that we began the process much too soon. In Pennsylvania, the planting season really begins later in May, and folks often don’t touch their gardens until June 1st.

Our plants have nowhere to go. They have nowhere to put down roots.

I’m staring at those plants, and I realize that when God delays a dream, perhaps it’s because if it came about, it couldn’t take root and thrive. Timing matters so much when you consider what God needs to put in place in order to sustain and cultivate the dreams or vision we have for our lives. I’m learning more and more to trust God because He sees what I don’t see.

He carefully guards our lives and our dreams.

In the meantime, we’ll transfer these plants to larger pots and more soil as we await the perfect warm day in late May or June to plant them. We’ll keep them inside as this April snow falls on the garden.

And every time I observe these plants, I’ll remember God’s perfect timing.

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