An Ode to this Cat

I have a lap cat. If you’re sitting down, she’s in your lap. If you’re in bed, she’s beside you. If you’re watching TV, she’s watching TV with you. In the wintertime, I love having a cat close by. I love how chosen I feel by this little cat who wants my company all the time. My other cat sleeps under the Christmas tree all day long, and I love how cozy the house feels with him there.

I love observing animals. Sometimes, I look down at my cat and marvel at her eyes, her fur, and her little paws. I consider what a gift animals are to us and how they move about with their own secret intelligence. I’m so thankful for them. I’m so thankful for a cat’s purr, their warmth as they curl into a ball beside you, and for their presence that’s both full of love and judgment at the same time! Ha! Cats know they are superior to all.

If you need more joy in your life, consider adopting a cat or dog to love.

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