An Odd But Delicious Little Appetizer

I’ve twice now baked breaded artichoke hearts to dip in a lemon, garlic, mayo sauce. I know it’s odd. But I love artichokes. I have great memories of eating artichokes as a child and dipping the leaves in butter. I couldn’t wait to get to the heart!

To make this recipe, you defrost a bag of frozen artichoke hearts, use a paper towel to absorb any moisture, and dip the hearts in panko bread crumbs seasoned with garlic powder. Put them on a cookie sheet elevated on a cooling rack. I baked these at 400 degrees until golden–maybe 15 minutes. They turn out firm and crispy and perfect for dipping.

To make the dipping sauce, just squeeze half a lemon into a little bowl with 1/4 cup mayo and one pressed (or chopped) garlic. Delicious!!

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