An Explanation: Disruption Will Come!

I apologize for the missing blog posts these past few days! My site was moving to a new hosting service, and with these sorts of things come disruption and lost posts. I’ve learned it’s all part of growth and good movement.

Disruption, it seems, has become a theme in my life and in the lives of so many people I know. It’s like we’re all in a season of disruption! You, too? Can anyone explain this?

A thought: Just this week, I read Tozer’s comments on the Holy Spirit being an agent of disruption. He discusses a common theme among people whose lives reflect amazing “God stories.” This theme? God’s work usually comes alongside uprooting, discomfort, and disruption. He writes, “When the Holy Spirit moves, He disrupts a person’s life.”

When the Holy Spirit moves, He disrupts a person’s life. 

I realize the truth of it with joy and surrender. I welcome disruption, loss, uprooting, and discomfort. These changes often (though not always) represent great movements of God in a life. Oh, how I love the disruption of the Holy Spirit that shows me the loving, guiding, shaping work of God. I picture myself in His hands, uprooted and disrupted, but also at peace and enclosed by the One who hold us in complete safety.

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