Always Something New to Try

Today I met a new friend who loves music. She recommended her two favorite Spotify playlists (The Pulse of Americana and the new retro). I immediately went home to listen to the music she loves. Listening to this new music filled my heart with joy about how much there is to learn in the world. I love her recommendations!

I also learned to ask a new friend what music he or she is listening to. It’s a great conversation question! Younger people especially love talking about their playlists.

What music are you loving lately? 

Yesterday, my daughter brought home some new sketch pads for me to try some watercolor tutorials. She remembered that one day during the COVID lockdown when I tried to paint a bird in a tree. Did you know you can look up beginner tutorials on youtube for watercolor paintings of almost anything you can think of? Landscapes, seascapes, flowers, and even turtles. This summer, we’ll try some watercolor painting. I’m excited to learn more. It’s also great to ask your friends, “What are you learning lately?” If you asked me, I’d proudly bring out my watercolors!

What are you learning lately? 

Music. Painting. That’s just the beginning. You can discover so many new hobbies and learn about something you don’t know much about. I met someone last week who decided to learn German and Chinese this summer just for the fun of it.

Living with flair means we’re learning new things all the time. And we’re asking good questions to learn what others are learning and listening to!

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