Always Looking for the Good Things

In Psalm 103, we read all the benefits of following God. My favorite lines is this from verse 5: God “satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagles.” 

I love thinking about the good things God has planned this very day. I pray we always look for those things and learn to perceive them.

Sometimes, we become so contaminated in our attitude through complaining, jealousy, bitterness, or entitlement that we fail to see the good things. Complaining clouds our vision and we cannot see the gifts. We cannot see the beauty. We cannot see the blessings.

Here’s a hint: Look for the things today that make you feel more youthful. The promise does, after all, refer to good things that make our “youth renewed like the eagles.” What will happen in our lives today to bring in that youthful cheer?

Last night, we entertained our sweet neighbors’ young daughters for an evening of s’mores, card games, and dancing. The two little girls reminded me that when something happens that makes you laugh, makes you want to dance and sing, or makes you want to enjoy sweet treats, a good, youthful thing is happening. The little girls were also full of curiosity and wonder. Children love animals and nature. They naturally love so many things!

Maybe today, you’ll enjoy a good thing that makes you feel young, free, and joyful. Take note of it and thank the Lord for His good gifts that satisfy the desires of your heart.

(I already recorded a good thing that made me feel young and free. My neighbors have a new Shiba Inu puppy that looks exactly like a baby red fox. Exactly! I love foxes, so last night I pet the Shiba Inu and felt like a little child with a fox. It made me laugh and made my heart so happy. If you want to enjoy a bit of what it was like, look up Shiba Inu puppies online and enjoy the pictures.)

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