Always Learning What and How to Cook

After all these years, and all these meals, I still find myself asking other parents, “What do you love to cook for dinner? What do your children love?” Sometimes, when children visit my home, I’ll pull them aside and say, “What’s your favorite thing your parents cook for dinner?”

I want to know! I want to learn! Even after all this time!

So I ask the Baker family in Michigan, and I find out about their son’s love of Honey Curry Chicken. More importantly, I find out you just throw a few simple ingredients together, shove the pan in the oven, and dinner’s made.

I’m trying it this very evening. I cannot wait to see what the family thinks! I’m serving it with rice and a salad.

Living with flair means learning all the time and trying new things. I find myself so excited about something as simple as a new meal.


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