Already Into the Next

It feels like just yesterday I collected plump acorns under red-tipped oak trees. September came and went, and now by this past-mid October, it feels like the end of autumn nears.


The trees we admired on the daily walk sent their leaves flying over the weekend, and this afternoon these once joyous leaves rest in large piles lining every street. It’s like every tree deflates more and more with each passing hour.

I’m seeing bare branches against darkening skies.

And I know the inevitable: Winter will come to Pennsylvania.

I’m wearing mittens on the walk and a fleece jacket. Although I’m still drinking apple cider and planning my carved pumpkin design, I know that autumn’s beauty won’t last long.

This fleeting season reminds me to witness it all the more and enjoy every bright color and rich smell before the cold and snow of winter arrive.

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